Containerized Mobile Weighing and Bagging Unit

DCC-50/100II series Containerized Mobile Weighing and Bagging Plant is specially designed for the bulk cargo bagging operation at the side of ship (quayside), warehouse and storage yard ......

Stationary Weighing and Bagging Unit

DCC-50/100IV series Stationary Automatic Weighing and Bagging Plant is a ideal equipment of weighing and bagging for variety of solid granular bulk cargo with good fluidity ......

FIBC Weighing and Bagging Unit

This Unit comprises DCS-1000 Series FIBC bagging machine, main support frame, gravity feed hopper, power distribution box, discharge chute, bag-holder, pneumatic system and so ......


We can supply various kinds of Clamshell grabs for users to discharge bulk cargo from the vessel to feed bagging machine directly according to user's request.......


Turn-key projects

We can provide full set of solution, research and development for user's project. For example:-

        - Bulk cargo Weighing and Bagging system, Bulk handling solution;

        - Silo project;

        - Oxygen manufacture plant;

        - Disposable syringe producing plant;

        - Fibreglass products (FRP) manufacture plant;

        - ROV (remote operated vehicle, or robot) research, design and producing.

Purchase sourcing, supervision, consultation

We can provide some service as per customers' request, such as purchase sourcing, quality supervision and consultation, etc.

Bulk cargo Weighing and Bagging system, Bulk handling solution

Complete bulk processing line with Hopper, Conveyors, Vibrating screen, Magnet separator, Weighing and Bagging machine, Dust extracting system, Electrical control system.