1. Bulk Handling Facility

-Containerized Mobile Weighing and Bagging Unit

-Stationary Weighing and Bagging Unit

-FIBC Weighing and Bagging Unit

-Warehouse facility


2. Various usage of Machineries and Equipments, spare parts

-Rock drill machine, Hydraulic down hole drills, Drill rods and bits;

-Air compressor series, Sludge pump series, Generator sets, Transformer;

-Gearbox and reducers series;

-Forklift series, Engineering equipment, Agriculture machinery and equipment;

-Bulk batching and dispersion unit

-Concrete pump, Concrete mixing and batching plant, Concrete block making machine and concrete mixer truck series

3. Mechanical parts and equipments processing

We provide many kinds of mechanical parts and equipments processing according to clients' request and drawings, including machining, forging, casting, turning, welding, stamping and punching, sheet metal fabrication and mould making, etc.

Containerized Mobile Weighing and Bagging Unit

Stationary Weighing and Bagging Unit

FIBC Weighing and Bagging Unit