Located in Shanghai, the largest Industrial and Commercial city of China, Shanghai FarStar International Co. Ltd. (SHFS) was founded, under the approval of the Commission of Foreign Economic and Trade of Shanghai, the Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China, and had been awarded with Certificate of Approval for Enterprises with Foreign Trade Rights.

SHFS is a technology integrated company focused on the international supply and manufacturing of various industrial products and technology solution, especially the Weighing and Bagging System and Bulk Solution. SHFS has witnessed significant development and was staffed with an excellent and professional team integrated technology and international business. Most of our staffs have about 10~20 years of experience of international commerce and technology education background. On the other hand, the company has wide and close cooperation with many factories, research institutions and universities in China and all over the world.

Thanks to the flexible and strict business mode, SHFS has successfully managed many complicated systematic projects and supplied quality products to foreign users in many countries. As a consequence of its comprehensive technical and commercial background, SHFS not only supplies the user with products, but also provides full set of solution, and can guarantee clients that its products and service will always result in clients' ultimate and continuous satisfaction.

With more than 20 years of experience, our engineers and technicians are the designer and manufacturer of the 1st set of Containerized Weighing and Bagging Machine in China. Our users of Weighing and Bagging Equipments are all over China and many other countries. Our factory has been awarded with the License for Manufacturing Measuring Instruments of P. R. China (CMC), and ISO9001:2000 Certification of Quality Management System.

The major business activities of SHFS are introduced as below. What's more, if your specific requirement is not listed here, pls feel free to contact us. We will make our positive response shortly.