Stationary Weighing and Bagging Unit

Product description

DCC-50/100IV series Stationary Automatic Weighing and Bagging Plant is a ideal equipment of weighing and bagging for variety of solid granular bulk cargo with good fluidity, such as fertilizer and grain, etc.

The plant is stationary type. All the elements and component units are mounted on a steel framework with operator platform and ladders. It is specially designed for the bulk cargo bagging operation in workshops or warehouses.

Each Weighing and Bagging Machine has 1 weighing-bagging line with Duplex Weighing Scales.

Each weighing-bagging line comprises Duplex Interlock DCS Net Weighers, Gravity Feeder, Discharge Chute, Bag-Holder, Automatic Weighing Controllers, Power Distribution Box, Pneumatic System, and etc. When the line running, both of the DCS Scales can be fed and weigh independently, but each time only one of them can discharge material. The two sets of DCS Scales will complete in-feeding, weighing and discharging alternately, therefore the weighing-bagging speed will be increased greatly.

Technical Specifications and Parameters

- Materials : Variety of solid granular bulk cargo with good fluidity, such as Fertilizer , Grain, and etc.
- Bulk Density : 0.75 ~ 1.2 Ton/m3.
- Granular Size : 1~15 mm.
- Unit Bag Weighing : 15~100Kg adjustable (or as per user's request.)
- Max. Design Capacity: 12~16 Bags/min, (about 1000Bags/hour), (For Duplex scales, as 50kg/bag net, in continuous, trouble-free bagging operation).
- Weighing Accuracy : ±0.1%(static); ±0.2%(dynamic);
- Air Pressure: 0.6Mpa.
- Electrical Supply
  Electrical Power :
3Ph, 400V, 50Hz
- Control Voltage: 1Ph, 110V, 50Hz
- Bag Type: Open mouth type bag, such as Polypropylene (PP) woven bag with Polyethylene inner bag.
- Bag Size: 900Lx630Wmm (1100Lx700Wmm) (or as per user's request.)
- Ambient Temperature : 0~+50℃ max. (or as per user's request)
- Location: In door.
- Operation : Continuous.